Friday, June 7, 2013

Space 134 Receives Award

Michael Nilsson & Alan Loomis 
The Westside Urban Forum recognized Glendale’s proposed Space 134 project at their annual Westside Prize Awards this afternoon (Friday, June 7, 2013). The Award recognizes projects that demonstrate excellence in addressing the issues of planning for and building a livable future. Accepting the award were, Michael Nilsson and Alan Loomis from the Community Development Department's Design Studio along with the team from MelĂ©ndrez, the architecture and planning design firm that worked with the City on the initial project vision.

The Glendale "Space 134" project is a concept study for a "freeway cap park" over the 134 Freeway from Central Avenue to Glendale Avenue. The freeway cap park would connect the community to the City's civic, cultural, and business core through public open space and pedestrian and bike friendly trails. As Downtown Glendale moves forward with the 18-hour workday, by promoting the opening of restaurants, bars and nightlife opportunities in the City’s new Arts & Entertainment District, Space 134 will become a key component in furthering that vision.

The initial Space 134 study was funded by a $125,000 grant from the Southern California Association of Governments. The City will apply for additional grants to organize design workshops to further develop the concept plans with interested community members.